Women’s Bible Study

Grow in the Word together Tuesdays at 7pm beginning March 1st!

“Truth does not change. It transcends ALL things; age, race, generation, circumstances, economic status, celebrity, education, etc. The truth in God’s word will never die or grow old and out of date.”

This Spring, we will begin a new study together called “Radical Growth”. The pathway to the radical growth we want is not complex. It’s not some unattainable, envy-provoking vision or dream meant to torment us with its impossibility. However – let’s be honest, no one has a vibrant life by accident. No one has a flourishing garden unintentionally. Simply put, vibrant living looks like a life grown on purpose.

God tells us that in order to be fruitful, we must be connected to and abiding in Him (the Vine), allowing the Father (the Gardener) to prune and tend us. During this study, we will start by recognizing that all growth starts at the baseline and that growth happens slowly. Then we will look at the environments that are necessary for growth as well as the different stages of development. Finally, we will discover what maturity looks like and what it means to have successful growth in our lives.

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