Day 17: Winter: Waiting Well

Day 17: Winter: Waiting Well 

Winter is an interesting and unique season to be in. It almost feels like the opposite of everything we should be experiencing as a Christian. Let’s be honest… In our minds, the vibrant life doesn’t look like a vast, barren landscape with very little sign of life. Winter can be a difficult season because there is little (obvious) activity; and if you find yourself in it, you will know. King David was a man who wrote about seasons and in some of his favorite Psalms he described the winter season perfectly.

In winter, it’s very difficult to see any growth in our lives because there is nothing obvious to see. Things can feel like they are dead, when in fact, they are just dormant and there is change happening underneath the surface.If you find yourself in winter…don’t worry! Here are some things you can actively do in order to thrive in this important season.

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